No. The coverage is considered a benefit to the membership. Consider it similar to an automobile club where they would have so many roadside assistant calls per membership time frame. In this case, you would have so many coverage claims available to professionals within the membership per year.

If you use them, fantastic. If you don't use them, you must be extremely healthy but they are there if something happens or you need them.


This system is designed to fill in the gaps for where insurance leaves off. Most people do not use all their insurance for fear that their premiums will go up. With that said, our goal is to teach people self monitored their own wellness and therefore we are working on a rewards system for those who do not use them all. But for Those who need it, the coverage is there.

on Saturday February 22 by tchoicen

No. The coverage is only for those listed on the plan.

on Saturday February 22 by tchoicen

Yes, we are always working to improve the network even though we are still small in nature. We hope to roll out some new features in 2021.


We are also hoping that as more manufacturers and/or retailers in the Natural Health sector come on board, they will also use the system to promote membership advantages and deals. 

And we are always waiting to hear from you with new ideas to make this the best NH network!

on Monday August 31 by tchoicen

No. The professional will submit it for you. However, we reserve the right from time to time to verify the claim from you. This will be done through email and will require a verification response from you. This is only to be regarded as a quality control check on our system and not to be taken as a personal attack or an attack on your service provider.

on Saturday February 22 by tchoicen

Here is a video to guide you through the basics of all accounts and what you need to know when you get started.


on Monday January 04 by tchoicen