About Us

This is a time of growing uncertainty. Between big pharma, big industry & government control, our rights have been eroded away in the false name of "Health!"

The Choice Network was birthed from natural health professionals that were beginning to get frustrated with the system. No longer were they going to take the cuts to health insurance for solid working therapies and professions. No longer were they going to take the eroding away of choice. So why not develop a membership coverage system similar to leading automobile membership services.

But we needed more than just a type of insurance coverage system. How about add education into the mix and a platform where we can summons others to lobby for the cause when needed. The Choice Network hopes to offer a platform of not only choice but ccommunity among its membership. And in the process, we hope to educate and develop good stewards of our health and environment.


Features at TCN

  • First of all, Natural Health Coverage for where insurance companies leave off. You choose the level of coverage you want.
  • Educational platform for personal wellness training.
  • Special Offers section from Manufacturers, wellness stores and professionals
  • Events Section where professionals will promote both online and offline events
  • Need a different professional, check out our professional directory.
  • Uncensored social media to connect with others, discuss in peer review, and get advice
  • Refer your friends and receive commissions
  • More Professional tools for professional accounts

Future option in works include

  • Wellness monitoring tools
  • Fitness Tools
  • Professional Soap Notes software
  • Professional Appointment Booking Software
  • Mobile App & More

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Our FAQ's section is always under development. We endeavor to make it as complete as possible. We welcome submission of questions for this section from anyone. To submit a question for this section, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Visit the FAQ's section here