Natural Health Community-based membership network of professionals and individual wellness minded people that houses membership benefits like Coverage, Support, education, Events, Special Offers, Uncensored social media ideal for true peer review and many other tools for professional & client needs

The Choice

TCN for Proffessionals

More about the professional platform, benefits & professional extras

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TCN FOr Clients

More about basic benefits, tools, options & advantages for wellness clients & individuals

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About Us

More about how TCN, its origins and about the platform, options & benefits in general

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The Choice Network is a work-around for insurance coverage of Holistic services

Therefore we are not subject to the same rules as regular insurance and can cover more services....even services from Energy Healers, Health Coaches, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Release Therapies or those not normally covered under regular insurance.
Everyone is a member. Only members get benefits.

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Becoming a Professional Member will enable you....

......To offer something unique to your clients who cannot get group (work-based) insurance or health coverage for holistic services. And it allows you guarranteed re-imbursement for services rendered to them.

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"Freedom of Choice" is what TCN supports

The Choice Network is a referral network that above all is grounded in "Choice" and "Trust." We do not adhere to coercion, illegal mandates and the elimination of personal body autonomy. We believe in personal choice across the spectrum, hence our name "The Choice Network." 

We do understand that some professionals are required to adhere to the standards of their profession, We will support them in that requirement. And we will support any member's personal choice regardless of what side of the spectrum they are on.

The Choice Network


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We are in a growing age of Political Correctness, Government Censoring an Industrial Sabotage! All are undermining your ability to choose the lifestyle, wellness route and goal setting program for your life!

At TCN, we are building a like-minded network of Natural Health Professionals where you can access educational programs, professional service coverage and consultation in a safe environment.

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What The Choice Network Offers For All Members....

In these times we need to stand together.


We are a membership of Natural Health Client and Professionals and one of the benefits happens to be coverage. All members can receive coverage from professionals within the system. As our network grows, more services will be available.


Our Membership Benefits includes personal wellness education. Professional contribute to this library. And the all members can access the info to help them take control of their own wellness journey.
TCN will also hold online wellness expos, workshops & promote wellness events hosted by their Professional Members.

Uncensored Social Media

False fact checkers out there keep you from getting the information you need on social media. We have made our own uncensored social media for true peer review, unblocked self-promotion and unaltered teaching & advise.

Wellness Tools

We include and continue to build Wellness Tools to help direct you to the professionals, education and advise you need. And as more professionals join, we hope to build more wellness tools for your convenience through their help.

Professional Directory

Professionals will be able to list themselves in our directory with their membership making it easy for you to find the professional you need in your area. 

Special Offers

As Retail and Wholesale professionals join  our network, they will be able to offer special deals and incentives for members only.

For Professional Memberships

What TCN Offers for Professionals...

We hope to build a one stop referral system with community support for those who need it.

Professionals TOols

TCN offers a collection of professional tools including (but not limited too) claims submission tools, promotional tools, educational building/marketing platform, Social groups, multiple self-promotion options, directories & more. New tools are always in development as the community grows including apps, soap notes & more coming soon.

Provide Your Clients with coverage

We have taken the insurance salesman out of the equation and allows you to pick up where they leave off. This allows for you to promote another product within your business and be rewarded monetarily for your efforts on a re-occurring basis.

Already targeted platform 

TCN is an already targeted community of natural health enthusiasts. Meet and connect with potential new client both in the self promotional tools and also through the social media platform that is developed in the system.

Community Planning

Because this is a community network rather than an insurance platform, there are opportunities for professionals to connect and discuss new potential benefits and opportunities that this network could provide for it's membership in the future.

Does Our Network Sound Right for You?

Come Join Our Network! Whether you are a client seeking coverage or education, A natural health enthusiast seeking a platform to lobby Pro-Choice Wellness Needs or a Natural Health Professional needing options for their clients, we have a membership option right for you.

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