To keep the integrity of our network and membership, the Choice Network has implemented a list of requirements to qualify for a professional membership within the network. If you have any questions about our qualifications and requirements, please feel free to contact us by email. 

A Professional (Practitioner, therapist, etc) Requirements;

  1. Any Professional within our network must carry their own liability insurance, whether it is through their licensing body or through their private company.
  2. A professional is deemed a professional when their main combined theoretical training, certification and practical training and experience exceeds two years. Programs  where facilitators complete a weekend here and there without a recognized practical training process, examination process and certification process are not accepted. Professions like Reiki and Access Bars can provide a good living but their training and practical standards do not pass our educational standards to be a main profession. A recommended guide is at least 250 hours of both theory and practical combined plus an examination and certification process.
  3. A professional must have a main profession that passes the qualification in number 2. Other lesser therapies/modalities can be added once the main professional criteria is met. For example Reiki can only qualify providing the professional’s main profession qualifies such as registered massage therapy, acupuncture or an equivalent.
  4. Professions must adhere to the guideline that it is holistic in nature, and does not utilize chemical, hormones, insecticidal or pesticide or vaccination products. When products are used,  must be of homeopathic and organic grade.
  5. Equipment used must promote natural clean living. Detox services such as ionic foot detox units are welcome providing that they are a combined service with an overall treatment or a secondary treatment after the professional qualifications in #2 are met.
  6. All professionals must apply to become professionals within our network simply by subscribing to the professional package. Please allow two weeks for full acceptance. If you do not qualify, your membership be changes to a Full Package of the equivalent.
  7. Any new professional that has not previously been accepted into 5ge organization must provide curriculum or contact information where curriculum information can be obtained to verify credentials.
  8. Three business references must be submitted for evaluation.
  9. It is preferable to have an educational reference to confirm your training and expertise.

An Industry/Retail Partner Member;

  1. As with our professionals, our industry partners must carry their own insurance and liability insurance as according to the requirements of their business or industry or municipality location.
  2. An Industry/Retail Partner are those who supply, produce, manufacturer provide natural health products for both wholesale and/or retail purposes.
  3. Products can range from Organic/Natural supplements, Nutritional supplements that are not pharmaceutical or chemically developed in nature, or they can be digital, of physical products that promote natural wellness, detox and support to preventative health. IE) detox equipment, mechanical massage, biofeedback equipment, laser, light therapy, etc.
  4. Public Claims of Full cures cannot not be made on these products without the proper approval and research. Although some of these claims may be very true, only those companies who operate with integrity and so that unwarranted search and seizures, or investigations from government organization such as FDA and Health Canada.
  5. You recognize that the Choice Network accepts no responsibilities for any false claims made by your business. You may be a member of the network but your business is a separate entity.
  6. You submit three business references with your application, any public research links to verify the Natural clams of your product(s).