Full Couples

Services offered in the Full Couples Program include:

  • Up to Twenty sessions per year at full coverage for services from Professionals registered in this network (up to $100/Session). If the professional charges more than $100 per session, it is your responsibility to pay the difference.
  • Free Access to the Vitality Squad Education system
  • 50% off of any Online Health Expo or educational forum offered through this network
  • Referral Commissions (if one chooses to participate) for every new member referred to the organization. You will have your own traceable affiliate link of which you can share or promote as you wish. Full Terms of Services for this referral Program is available.


  • Please allow 24 hours processing time to activate online subscription however your coverage is active once payment is made.
  • You (the client) are responsible to pay your portion of the service to the professional at time of session or by online processing method (according to the professionals requirements) if amount is above $100/session.
  • Professionals will submit their portion into the network and a confirmation email will be sent to the Client to verify the appointment before payment is sent to professional.
  • Only four sessions are available per month while on this plan however unused sessions accumulate until the anniversary date of the plan. At each Anniversary date, only three sessions may be held over.
  • As in all plans, we are promoting positive lifestyle change and wellness, therefore unused sessions will be Inline for promotional incentives.
  • See our full TOS and Privacy Statement for more details.
Duration: 1 month
Price: $75.00