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The Choice Network 
for Natural Health 

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A Community Based Membership Network that offers benefits for Natural Health Clients like; Coverage, Client Wellness Tools, Access to Professionals, Special Offers and Events directories, Uncensored Social Media, Wellness Education & More. 

Is there....

Little to No 

Insurance for the

Natural Health Insurance

You Use Regularly?

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Do You Find....

....there is a lack of quality professionals to choose from?

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If this is You, You Need the Choice Network!

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Do You Find That

Your choices for Natural Health are criticized in the main world? Your thoughts Are censored?
Information is kept from you?

Maybe you need The Choice Network!

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As a Natural Health Enthusiast, You Need The Choice Network......

And the Choice Network Needs People Like You to help us build this network and provide a safe place for those who choose, chemical-free, preventative wellness care!

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What Do You Get through
the choice network

Coverage for personal services

You receive coverage for personal services obtained through other professionals in the Choice Network. Plans for all types of needs.

A Referral Network

As the network grows, more and more professionals will come online and you will be able to find more diviversified professionals for your needs from within the system.

Wellness Education

You have access to our education platform. Professionals within the system will post personal wellness education that will teach you to self-maintain your wellness needs & teach preventative wellness.

Re-occuring commissions

Anyone you sign-up into the network (client or professional), receive re-occurring commissions on them and their sign-ups. 

Have a network to reach out to...

For research, information sharing and even referral. Use the social wall to interact with everyone within the network. Build committees to address Natural Health Issues of the day and discuss topics of common interest.

live wellness webinars & Workshops

When professionals host workshops, webinars and events, be the first to know when these events are being held. Some for FREE and some for discounted rates as a member of the network.

Does This Network Sound Right for you?

Come Join Our Network! Whether you are a client seeking coverage or education, A natural health enthusiast seeking a platform to lobby Pro-Choice Wellness Needs or a Natural Health Professional needing options for their clients, we have a membership option right for you.

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Use Coupon Code: Launch2020

More benefits are planned to roll out as the membership grows.