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I Matter Wellness is located in Estevan, Saskatchewan. In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan we were Essential Vitality Health Centre. IMW focuses on one-on-one coaching and wellness management specializing in difficult wellness management needs. Their online sister company is Vibresonate.com

Using Natural BioEnergetics, BioResonance, Ionic Foot Detox and some Laser services, IMW has helped people take back the control of their wellness needs since 20014. 

Natural BioEnergetics is a modality that has been around for more than 40 years and was developed by a leading physiological psychologist and many have found it to be more than helpful in many areas of wellness. NB still exists through out the world under other names.  Unfortunately, new legislation has prevented North American's from publishing any of those former names for fear of legal action and fines. This era is a time where organizations are scrambling to legalize their own names and trademarks and old trademarks have been legislated out in the court process. Unfortunately NB was a victim in some areas of North American to this growing problem. Our organization is developing a registered organization and school to finalize the formality of this profession.

NB specialists are required to go through a formal educative process of both theory and practical experience. A practitioner is required to complete, through the educative process, a required amount of practical hours, case studies and personal treatment as well as a formal exam process.

BioResonance uses an incredible frequency technology that scans the body looking for impediences and decreased/increased frequency changes. After a detailed scanned, supportive frequency for self-healing is fed back into the body and a normal healing process is supported. BioResonance can often pick up trending that without change in current self-care, could result in disease state. Therefore BioResonance is often used as a guideline to encourage change in lifestyle management. New few frequencies fed back into the body can often work similar to the homeopathic approach.

Ionic Foot Detox is used to help clear the elimination routes within the body. This is a great supplementary treatment and a great assistant to many issues that are based on elimination blocked problems. It feeds a low ionic current into the body using a salt based water solution and brings the body back to a negative ionic state that facilitates better natural detoxification.

Laser Services include laser Lipo, and inflammation lowering treatments. Only inflammation lowering treatments would be covered under TCN.

All services may include holistic nutrition coaching

I Matter Wellness is based out of Saskatchewan with Saskatchewan's only certified NB specialist but she has worked with clients throughout North America and other parts of the world. She specializes in hard to manage cases with an emphasis in brain health and wellness. 

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