Did You Know that we provide an uncensored social wall.....

Yes, that's right! With the recent Pandemic events, we have noticed an increased censorship on viable truthful information and studies by the social media platforms and their third party fact-checkers that are no more qualified to check those facts than the man in the moon.

But the Choice Network allows for freedom of speech and discussion with these previously banned topics. Not only is it freedom of speech but it is a form of peer review that we would like to provide. Social media is one of the largest peer review concepts but now that censorship is rampantly growing, this is becoming endangered as well.

The TCN Social Wall can be used to self-promote as well, give advise and reach out to potential new clients. And while using this system online, TCN will be working on building a mobile app to go with it soon.

You will learn more about this and other benefits of the Choice Network when you log into our presentation. Or visit The Choice Network for more information.