Why Western Medicine Succeeds

Yes they have built their industry on lies and deceit but you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Why? Because they have such a network of support among them all that if you even try to break it down, you will be hammered into the ground.

Let's look at that a little closer. It's known as a morphic field. A morphic field is a collection of thinking that makes it impossible for anyone to break through, even if it was built on lies. And with billions and billions of professionals in it all in the same mindset, anyone who dares to challenge them otherwise learns swiftly that you just cannot do that without repercussions. This was highly illustrated after a string of mysterious naturopathic doctor's deaths over the last several years starting in 2017. View more on these stories at Health Nut News

We can thank the business model of Mr. John D Rockefeller. His visionary process on monopolizing healthcare into an economic giant that it is today still has the minds of people warped and will for time to come. Don't get me wrong, western medicine has its place, however the strong foothold they have has left preventative health experts scrambling to keep themselves a float and with no platform of support to stand on. 

Let's look more to the inner workings of this morphic field putting the health portion of it aside. As said earlier, Rockefeller was the founder of modern healthcare today. He built it on a business model through pharmaceutical products. He flooded the medical schools with the new concept so soon the new doctors were no longer practicing natural health but the promotion of Rockefeller's pharmaceuticals. Today, that industry is stronger than everything and they are so successful that they have almost crushed the natural health industry. Oh yes, we are going strong but our industry brings in no where near the dollars that their's does. And they deliver stories like natural health isn't tested, or it is snake oil in order to deter people away from it. 

Inside the system, they have a huge web of support. It's not just pharmacy and pharmacy companies but doctors, specialist, nurses, laboratories, physiotherapy and other hospital departments, clinics, insurance companies and more. And there are several offshoot private companies besides your main pharmaceutical companies that all contribute to this huge morphic field. All are weaving their own support system for each other. They all have their own intricate referral system within the main system and no outsider can take part in it.

Not only that, they have journals to post studies so their professionals can critic them. God forbid if a natural health doctor were to post a natural health study there. Even in their own system, those doctors who dared to question studies against the normal thought process sometimes waken to having their licenses pulled like Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

And lastly, the Western medicine concept works to keep their patients coming back to depend on the system rather than getting them well. Of course any doctor of western medicine would disagree with this concept but when you look at it from the simplest prospective, of prescription refills. In most cases (except for single treatments situations like antibiotics) people need to come back for refills just to maintain their quality of life. That is curing anyone. It's just making a dependency.

Let's compare this to Natural Health today. How do we differ outside of the wellness aspect. First of all we are one of the most dis-united systems out there. Although some of the professions have good organized schools and certification processes, there is a lack of support out there on a whole. There is a lack of a referral system and any research is not readily published due to fear mongering from the other side. 

We work to discredit our fellow natural health professionals rather than referring them to others when their expertise may bring our client over the hump in their healing process. Our clients get well without the need of being dependent on us but because of this concept we are unable to maintain our clientele so we tend to not respect fellow colleagues and form very few alliances with any of them.

Insurance is virtually unavailable for our services. Because our clients get well and tend to use it less, you would think that insurance would be wiser to accept our services over regular medicine however they have gone to bed with the pharmaceutical model decades ago and have lost sight to what the real picture is.

It's time to unite people as the professionals we are. It's time to build our own intricate network. There is so much push back today that if we don't form our own network we are going to soon loose our right to practice. Government legislation and pharmaceutical lobbying is starting to block what we can and cannot do because we hit the bottom dollar of these industries. We need to unite and fight back for everyone's right.

We challenge all natural health enthusiasts to join The Choice Network and the fight for everyone's choice. And receive a bonus of natural health coverage as just one of the benefits in this network.